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Our Staff  

  • Clerk Technician:  
  • Custodians:
​            Lead Custodian:  Steve Cramer - scramer@gvsd.us
​            Aldo Inclan - ainclan@gvsd.us
            Tricia Ewolhin - tewolhin@gvsd.us

Service and Adventure Teachers: 

Core Academic Teachers:
  • Resource Teachers:  
                Saskia Dummett - sgould@gvsd.us
                Lisa Rowe - lrowe@gvsd.us

Discovery Studies Technician:
Discovery Studies Education Specialists/Teachers:

GVCS Preschool Teachers:
                Preschool Aide: Kelly Turner - kturner@gvsd.us
                Preschool Aide: Dena Nick - dnick@gvsd.us

 While some of our teachers have been with our school from its beginning, 
others have been drawn to its unique philosophy and unifying teaching methods. 

We are passionately committed to the principles and philosophy of EL Education 
and to maintaining a positive school culture that permeates our staff, students and parents.

Instructional Assistants: