17/18 Back to School Letters & Supply Lists:

Teachers are trickling back in from summer fun.  Please check back in a few days if your child's crew letter/supply list's link has not been enabled.  

Kindergarten:  Crew 5  and  Crew 6   Extended Day Kindergarten Letter
1st Grade:  Crew 3  and  Crew 4
2nd Grade:  Crew 9  and  Crew 10 
3rd Grade:  Crew 7  and  Crew 8 Letter   Crew 8 Supply List
4th Grade:  Crew 12  and  Crew 14
5th Grade:  Crew 15  and  Crew 16

Middle School 
6th Grade:  Crew 18  and  Crew 20    
7th Grade:  Crew 21  and  Crew 23 Letter    7th grade supply list
8th Grade:  Welcome to 8th Grade Informational Letter 
Crew 17 Parent Letter    and  Crew 17 Supply List
Crew 19 Parent Letter   Crew 19 Supply List 

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