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Discovery Studies - Home School Option

The Discovery Studies educational option is rich with choices and is designed
for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  It offers caring support for 
home schoolers and their families, while providing many opportunities to meet
their individual needs and learning styles. Parents create and oversee their 
child(ren)’s individual educational plan.

Small group instruction classes are offered including those in science, mathematics, social studies, Expeditionary Learning, gymnastics, art, music, Spanish, martial arts, dance, computers and more.

Monthly crew meetings and fieldwork engage families in fun, educationally rich activities that enhance the students' learning.

Families interested in our Core program (five day classroom option) 
should read our enrollment procedures for important information 
about transferring from Discovery Studies to Core.  Click here to find that info: enrollment

Principal:  Scott Maddock  smaddock@gvsd.us 
Discovery Studies Technician:  Brooke Murphy  bmurphy@gvsd.us

Credentialed Education Specialists:

Educational Advantages:
  • EL Education philosophy
  • Learning styles may be tailored to individual needs
  • Individualized curriculum
  • One-on-one teaching situations
  • Small group instruction opportunities

Discovery Studies Provides:
  • EL Education and the fieldwork that accompanies it 
  • MacBook, Chromebook and iPad computer lease program option for each family
  • Textbooks and school supplies
  • Library materials
  • Budget available for educational materials and small group instruction
  • Monthly visitation with an Education Specialist